Monday, December 27, 2010

Walking Together - AESN

We are inspired and encouraged by the quality of the work of the AESN schools - and we are pleased with the continuing support of the Federal Government for your work. We have written an article that will be published in Adminfo in the New Year. Our intent was to describe the work of the AESN schools by using the image created for us at the seminar in 2009 by Debbie Leighton Stephens. Read Walking Together.

Network Impact, Inquiry and You - new articles

While you were in full throttle pre Christmas excitement, Linda and I were getting ready for our trip to Cyprus to attend the ICSEI conference. This meant writing several papers that we hope you will find useful.

In the first paper, we explore the potential of the Network to shift the professional practice of adult educators and the subsequent learning experiences and practices of young people. Recently the OECD published a set of principles for innovative learning environments and we took a look at the Network through this lens. Comment on the extent to which you think this is useful. View Networks on the Edge.

In the second paper we look at the evolution of the spiral of inquiry from the early days of the network. In particular we are interested in how many of you are now taking inquiry right to the level of the individual learner. We draw extensively on the current work Debbie Koehn is doing at Glenview to illustrate this point. We'd like to hear your comments on how the inquiry work in YOUR school is progressing. View Spirals of Inquiry .